One Great Price, We Cover It All.

Your time is valuable. We find the people to get your job done right, so you can focus on your business.


Our team meets every candidate in-person before considering them for a position. We consider the unique needs of your business to ensure that each candidate has the right skills, is the right fit for your corporate culture, and someone you will enjoy working with. The JOBi selection process ensures that we are not just sending you an excellent resume; we are providing the best person for your job.

Background Screening

Every candidate goes through one of the most extensive screening processes in the industry. JOBi ensures that when someone goes to work for you they have passed a nationwide Criminal Background check, skills and experience verification, sophisticated Drug Screening, and are Legal to work in the United States of America.

Payroll Processing

Payroll is a vital part of any business but it is also very time consuming. Let us handle it. We take care of the process from A to Z. We handle this process for you so you can have more time to do what you do best.

Insurance & Taxes

For one great price we cover it all. Our employees are covered by our Top rated Worker's Compensation insurance. All payroll taxes and fees are included in one great price. You can save money with the peace of mind knowing everything is taken care of and done right.